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Preserving the Past -- Building the Future

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Our Motto

"Preserving the Past -- Building the Future" continues to be our guide. The core collection, including the Vermont and Civil War Collections, maintain our links to the past, while computers, Internet access, Listen Up! Vermont (audio books and ebooks), Vermont Online Library (reference services), Universal Classes (online courses) and the purchase of new materials guarantee our growth into the future. The community has acquired an outstanding asset available to all. Come and take advantage of its many offerings.

Our Mission

The Morristown Centennial Library’s mission is to further our community’s commitment to literacy and broad public access to information, sharing the advantages and joys of reading and lifelong learning with as many members of our community as possible. To achieve this mission the library is dedicated to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment, offering high quality services and programs that are responsive to our community's wants and needs and honoring patrons' rights to privacy, confidentiality and intellectual freedom.

Current and Coming Events

Hello from MCL. It’s back to school for many, and we bid a fond fSeptemberarewell to all of our “graduates” from our college-bound students to our preschool storytime regulars who are now heading off to kindergarten. Scholars of all ages, we wish you well. May you thrive and grow.

To our circle of library patrons, please do continue to visit the Morristown Centennial Library for our year-round offerings and, as always, great books and other materials.

What’s going on at the library in September?


Youth Services Librarian Rachel Booher will be away for the month of September. Most of the weekly and monthly events will resume in October, but thanks to some very welcome offers of help from our wonderful members, including our director emeritus, story times will keep on going throughout the month.

  • Scheduled story times are at 10:30 AM:

  • September 1: Back to School

  • September 8: Chickens (to celebrate Chicken Month!)

  • September 1: Awesome Apples

  • September 22: Fall Fun

  • September 29: Hats

FOR YA (TEENS ages 13-18):

For the month of September, TAB will meet on Wednesday, September 23rd, 3 PM. You’re going indie for the month! We’ll provide the “what” and the “where.” You provide the “who.” On your own till Rachel’s return….it’ll be like a road trip in the library. PEN will resume in October.


  • RockwellBuddy Edgerton to Reveal “The Unknown Rockwell” at Morristown Centennial Library—DATE POSTPONED. Due to a death in the family, Mr. Edgerton could not be with us on September 5th, but he will reschedule his visit soon. Here’s what he will discuss: Buddy Edgerton and his son Jim will present a program based on Buddy’s book, The Unknown Rockwell—A Portrait of Two American Families at Morristown Centennial Library, new date TBA. Buddy will relate real-life anecdotes from his stint as artist Norman Rockwell’s model, neighbor and family friend. Here’s the back story: The Edgertons and Rockwells were next door neighbors in West Arlington, Vermont in the 1940s. Many times Edgerton and family members posed as models for Norman Rockwell’s paintings. Edgerton provides colorful explanations and details of the pictures in the book, which range from family portraits to modeling photos and illustrations for paintings. Appreciate the first-person memories of a man whose young likeness aided in the creation of iconic American images recognizable even today. Reflect on the values that shaped Vermont, America and the world seventy years ago, rich with family life lived with good humor that withstands the march of time. This program will be free, open to the public and is accessible by persons with disabilities. There will be copies of the book available after the presentation. Look for the new date announcement and join us at the Morristown Centennial Library for this one-of-a-kind event featuring one of Vermont’s celebrities.

  • Deanna French and Tom Ledoux will present their latest work, Spunky Lamoille’s Boys in Blue Too! Out of the Woodwork on September 26th, 2:30 PM. In this second volume, more letters from the front detail the love of family, the dedication of doctors, the horrors of prison, the hope of a new Capitol and the grit and spunkiness of our men and women who served (yes, women too!). Join us to hear in person what our local historians’ painstaking care and labor of love has revealed afresh about this pivotal time in our state’s and our nation’s history.