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Meeting Room Use Policy

Priority of Uses

Consistent with its mission as a public library, the Morristown Centennial Library’s highest priority is to make its facilities available for public, library-related functions. Library-related meetings and activities or events sponsored by the Library therefore have priority over other uses of its facilities.

Use of Facilities by Outside Groups and Organizations

Subject to availability, outside groups and organizations may use the Library’s facilities on the conditions set forth below:

  1. The group or organization’s proposed activity or events must be civic, educational, cultural or recreational in nature (e.g. concerning public affairs, academic instruction or intellectual debate, the arts/humanities or entertainment). Library facilities may not be used for purposes of worship, purely social events (e.g. birthday parties, company parties), or commercial/sales events (e.g. merchandising ‘parties’) and may not be used for an illegal purpose.
  2. All activities and events must be open to the public at no cost (and donations may not be solicited from attendees), unless the organization is a local not-for-profit organization (as determined by the Internal Revenue Service) and has the specific advance approval of the Library Director; and
  3. All activities and events must be open to the public without discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
  4. Food and drink may be allowed in the Copley Community Room with permission of the Library Director. Users will be responsible for removing their own food and trash at the end of the event.
  5. Alcohol may be served in the library only by a licensed caterer and with the approval of the Library Director.
  6.  Private groups using library space should advertise their program using only their organization’s name. The Library’s name may only be used to identify the event’s location. A contact number should be provided for people requiring more information. Only library-sponsored and library-run programs are advertised under the “MCL” auspices.


  1. The Library, in its sole discretion, will determine whether an activity or event may occur during hours the Library is ordinarily open, based on the date and time of the event proposed, how busy the Library expects its facilities to be on that date and at that time,, and the extent to which the proposed event reasonably may be anticipated to interfere with or be inconsistent with the Library’s mission or normal operations;
  2. If the proposed activity or event is to be held outside of the Library’s usual operating hours, the Library may charge a fee for the use of its facilities, which will be determined based on anticipated utility costs; and
  3. If an activity or event is held outside of the Library’s usual operating hours, the Library may require the organization to pay a reasonable hourly rate to defray the costs of having an agent or employee of the Library present during the event and may deny use of the facility if the Library is unable to arrange for a monitor at the time requested. Whether to require the presence of a monitor will be determined by the Library Director based solely on considerations of safety and security.

Liability for Damage, Requirement of Deposit

  1. Any outside group or organization using the Library’s meeting room(s) will be required to sign a contract whereby it agrees to be responsible for any damage to Library property (including both facility and contents) occurring during the time the facility is open for purposes of the event or activity; agrees to defend and indemnify the Library against any claims arising out of the group or organization’s use of the facilities; provide the library with a certificate of insurance naming the library as an additional insured for the period of use; and agrees to leave the Library facility in as clean and useable a condition as it was at the beginning of the activity or event;
  2. The Library, in its sole discretion, may require a damage/cleaning deposit. Whether to require a deposit or a certificate of inspection will depend on the nature of the event and the apparent likelihood of damage or the need for cleaning services after the event. Should the Library decline to request a certificate of insurance or require a security deposit or its request for a security deposit proves insufficient to cover actual damages, this will not be construed as a waiver of rights under paragraph (1).

Denial of Use of Meeting Room

The Library reserves the right to refuse the use of its facilities to any group or organization that has used those facilities in the past and failed to comply with this policy.

Policy approved 7/8/10, updated 11/14/13, updated 4/10/14, updated 9/11/14

If you would like to reserve a meeting room you can contact us by filling out the form below and clicking on "Submit" or download the form, fill it out and mail or return it to the library





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