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Upstairs Computers

The Library has 11 computers for use by their patrons. This use is for internet access, word processing, or programming.  Patrons may save their work to flash drives or CDR (patron provided), but not to the computer's hard drive.  Each computer has Microsoft Office 2010 installed on it. This is a  program suite providing a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation programs for your use.

Be sure to inquire about our Video Conferencing Resources, available by appointment. They use Google Chrome. Skype services are also available. Ask a staff person for more details.

Computer Usage

Internet usage is limited to 30 minutes per day per person, while others are waiting for an available computer. Other programming (word processing, etc.) is limited to 45 minutes while others are waiting. Should you need to print your work, this is available at a cost of $0.10 per page. Due to the amount ink or toner, please NO PICTURES.

NO Downloading to the hard drive – to save your work you may download to your personal media only. The library provides a wireless connection for your computer at no charge.

Downstairs computers